My Story

Hi, I’m Angelina (Ange for short) and i’m from South Wales. I am the founder of a new brand called Aura Clothing. This brand is inspired through my experiences of living with an ostomy. This blog will mainly be about how Aura Clothing was first developed and how I was inspired to create such a needed product. I’ll talk about my illness and how living with an ostomy affected me from a young age as well as how I managed to finally accept and love myself. The brand itself is in the process of launching so in the meantime I want to share my story with the world and create much needed awareness for individuals with an ostomy.

Aura Clothing is a new brand that focuses on bringing the innovative technical aspects and the finest fabrics to clothing for those living with an ostomy. Its created and developed through my passion of helping others and my experiences of living with an ostomy. My aim is to empower women and support them in feeling confident, sexy and special.

Lets be the change that this world needs.