It’s been a little while…

First of all, I’d like to apologise for my lack of social media posts. It’s been really difficult trying to launch a company, keep up with my normal life and write blogs. I promise to work harder on keeping you all in tune with Aura Clothing.

We’ve worked tirelessly on ensuring that our product is the best that it could possibly be, We want it to be high end and affordable and that in itself is a challenge. After months of hard work, patience and rigorous testing, we can finally say that we are so pleased and proud of the final product.

We are currently in the process of manufacturing our first batch, after working alongside some of the best manufactures in Europe that have exceeded our expectations.

The next step will be looking for models to showcase our jeans on the website. We will be working alongside a talented local photographer who is amazing at capturing raw and beautiful photographs. If anyone is interested in modelling our jeans then please contact us via social media or email.

In the meantime we are currently finalising our website, making it elegant and easy to use while incorporating all the great things that makes Aura Clothing so special. As well as working on the website we have also been very busy designing and creating more exciting collections that will launch throughout the year so watch this space!

I hope all my fellow Ostomates and friends had a lovely Christmas and New year!

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “It’s been a little while…”

  1. I have just stumbled across this blog. I’m not a blog reader as I can’t connec with half of what’s written but I connect with you and your vision. We be had CD for 21 years and an ileostomy 4 years next month. We m not as young as you but I’ve had plenty of wardrobe fails and upset in how to wear my bag. Swimwear has been a challenge. I even had a go at designing my own but never had the courage to approach anyone. Lingerie is rediculosly priced in this area so long oking for affordable yet durable and easy to acc sa clothing would be amazing.
    I’m keen to follow you with interest and hope to sample some of your collection
    Thank you for being brave and making something positive for ostomates everywhere.

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    1. Hi, Thank you very much for getting in touch. Im very sorry that you’ve struggled with clothing. Unfortunately thats a common thing with us ostomates. One of the reasons why Im doing what im doing is because I struggle with clothing. We are excited to launch and provide you all with the confidence you deserve.
      Thank you again!


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